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        Stock Code
        About Us
        Hengerda New Materials
        (Fujian) Co., Ltd.
        Stock code: 300946.SZ
        A National High-Tech Enterprise Focusing on the New Metal Material

        Hengerda New Materials (Fujian) Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 300946.SZ) was founded in 1995. On February 8, 2021, Hengerda was successfully listed on the ChiNext of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company mainly engaged in the R&D, production, sales, and services of metal cutting tools, such as die-cutting steels, strip blades, band saw blades, circular saw blades, and intelligent equipment.  Hengerda is committed to providing product lines and integrated accessory equipment of cutting solutions to the light industry, equipment manufacturing, building materials, automobile manufacturing, electronic information, and other fundamental industries of the economy, and supporting the industry transformation and upgrading.

        Deeply Cultivate Technology Innovation and R&D

        The company conducts deep R&D in technology innovation. We have established "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center" and "Academician Expert Workstation," as well as long-term collaborative R&D projects with academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering plus the national elites from the "863 Program." Hengerda also obtained more than 80 national invention patents.


        Leading Elites of the National 863 Program


        80+ National Invention Patents

        Domestically Leading, Internationally Advanced

        Hengerda's s products have been selling well at home and abroad for years. Based on the "Science and Technology Achievement Authentication" published by China National Light Industry Council, the technology and performance indicators of the featured product rule die steel are deemed as "Domestically Leading, Internationally Advanced" level.  The production scale, sales volume, and market share of rule die steel have been ranked the first globally for consecutive years. At the same time, the company is a domestic leading manufacturer of bi-metal band saw blades. Hengerda has established global partnerships based on local and expanding globally, with the overseas layout in Europe, Americas, Middle East, Africa, and other countries and regions in the "Belt and Road Initiative."  

        Recognition of Science and Technology Achievements

        Global Layout

        Obtained Numerous National and Provincial Honors

        For more than 25 years, Hengerda has been taking one step at a time and achieved numerous national and provincial honors, such as the title of Specialized, Sophisticated, Distinctive, Innovative &lsquo;Little Giant&rsquo; Enterprise, acknowledged by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the P.R.C.

        Looking forward, Hengerda will keep working on R&D and innovation, strengthening business operation and product lines of metal cutting tools to achieve higher distinctions.

        Obtained Numerous National and Provincial Honors

        Undertake Key Provincial Developmental R&D Project

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