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        Hengerda Brings Outstanding New Machine Products and Saw Cutting Tools to the 22nd China International
        2020-09-18 2362 views announcer:HENGERDA

        On September 15th,?2020, the 22nd?China International Industry Fair (CIIF) had its grand opening at National Exhibition and Convention Centre in Shanghai. The exhibition lasted for five days until September 19th. As the first on-site national industrial exhibition this year while maintaining the control of the COVID-19 pandemic, international communication was impacted, and numerous companies canceled their plan to exhibit at CIIF. However, the event organizer’s elaborate planning and thousands of companies’ efforts to the dream of a robust industrial country and their pursuit of flourishing growth still made CIIF a large-scale, open, sharing, and vigorous event.


        (Source:CIIF Weibo?Account


        This year’s?CIIF had nine themes of showings, more than 2000 exhibitors, and 245,000 square-meter of exhibiting area. First appearances of products, launching of new achievements and the new development in “internet + industry” were the focus of this fair. The event covers essential materials in manufacturing, critical components, and advanced manufacturing equipment to total solutions. The newest technology, products, and services of the entire industrial chain were exhibited at the fair.

        As a National High-tech Enterprise and a leading Provincial Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise, Hengerda brought new equipment products (High-Speed Band Saw Machine, upgraded CNC Automatic High-Speed Circular Saw Machine), and saw cutting tool products (Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade, and Cermet Circular Saw Blade) to the stage of CIIF. Hengerda conquers countless visitors and attracts many new business opportunities with its superior technology charm.



        The Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade products that were presented at the exhibition included the high-end HAISHARK series and the already well-known RJ, LINGYING, and DAJU series. They are our mature and competitive sawing products. Quality advancement has always been Hengerda’s pursuance. The improved performance of our sawing products ensures the cutting quality and saves costs for customers, which aligns with the strong demand for higher efficiency and lower costs during the pandemic.


        One of our high-end intelligent CNC equipment High Speed Band Saw Machine, made its appearance at the CIIF for the first time. It is to be integrated with Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades. This machine adopts PLC programmable electric control system, innovated intelligent saw cutting system, the capability of cutting materials of different sizes, adjustable cutting speed, and adjustable linear speed to be compatible with different materials. It is featured with a tight structure, high cutting speed, high precision, thin kerf, and low noise level. It can be a substation for circular saw machines and hacksaw machines for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metal materials in the machinery industry, metallurgical industry, automobile manufacturing, and shipbuilding industry.


        The “CNC Automatic High-Speed Circular Saw Machine” was exhibited at the fair again this time. It is Hengerda’s independently developed machine product. This product caught the attention of numerous customers and competitors at its first appearance at last CIIF. Hengerda’s LINGYING brand circular saw machine has high production efficiency, simple operation, high cutting precision, smooth cutting surface finishing, and can extend the lifespan of circular saw blades. Integrating the machine with the Hengerda-made Cermet Circular Saw Blade can achieve ideal cutting performance!


        Another product that made its second appearance at the fair, Cermet Circular Saw Blade, achieved more fantastic performance and quality than last year. Through deep R&D and countless application data analyses, the cermet circular saw blade this year achieved a longer lifespan. The blade teeth still adopt cermet material, and the blade body is made of alloy tool steel. Uniquely designed blade tooth structure and laser-cutting manufacturing method also ensure the blade’s stability, especially when performing its task, applicable to cut different shapes or different materials.


        Endless visitors from the fair enthusiastically consulted the new products, exchanged technology ideas, and discussed the future development of the metal cutting industry and solutions for industry application with our staff at Hengerda’s CIIF booth. Visitors gave our high acknowledgment and trust to product technology. Hengerda keeps pursuing perfection to help customers grow their business and achieve mutual success.

        The end of the fair is not the end of fascination. Under the great developmental strategy of Made in China 2025, the transition of manufacturing from automation to intellectualization has become more common. Hengerda will continue to increase its effort in R&D to strengthen innovation. Striving for the prosperity and development of the country’s industries, Hengerda will keep contributing its humble effort of supporting China to be the leader in industrial manufacturing.

        (Source: Sohu.com)

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